Thursday, October 17, 2013

Learning the Ropes

Okay, so day 1 of glorious blog, done....Technology is such a amazing cluster of excitement, joy, resentment, and frustration!  When it works its your best friend, when it doesn't-your gut wrenching worst enemy.  Today I experienced both, it took me on the ever so fun roller coaster of emotion.  Like many of you, I conquered in some and failed in others.  Lets talk about the conquers though because who wants to end the day feeling anxious! My Etsy shop has been rather cooperative and fun!  I have been listing my new items in between naps, feedings, play time, feeding myself, trying to shower, taking the dogs in and out fifty times a day, feeding them, laundry, dishes, cleaning.......well you get the picture. My Etsy venture is none other than yes, you guessed it, Seedling Plantation!!  Time for a hyperlink!  Here are some of the beautiful items I have been working on!  I specialize in Vintage housewares, monogrammed linens, and herbs and succulents.  I am still heavily working on my monogram and plant offering but the vintage is in full swing! Have fun looking and let pretty things and good thoughts put you to bed!

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