Friday, October 18, 2013

259 Bistro

Today was a nice fall day here in the great state of Texas, and by nice I mean it wasn't sweltering hot and humid as all heck! It was overcast, cool, and felt like fall! Who knew one could be excited about an overcast day! If you live here you understand. I decided to venture out for lunch and began planning my trip at 10am because I was starving! Waiting for my little dear to awake I decided 259 Bistro in Boerne, TX. That's pronounced burn-ee, yeah I know, it's a tricky one. I said it wrong for the loooongest time! Born-ee to be exact. Man did I get some glances! Anywho-here are some pretty and inspiring pics of our yummy lunch!!


  1. I got first comment! Nice page kids! Good luck with your endeavor.

  2. Such a cute place, Carly; we'll have to visit the next time we are in town! Jude saw the pics and said he wanted to go and eat the chips. ha. :) Oh, and I love using a pacifier clip to hold onto the teething ring. Why did I never think of that?? Love the blog!

  3. Thank you so much Amelia!! Yeah, the clip is a veritable toy life saver! Tell Jude Aunt Carly will absolutely take him for chips!! Ha! Jon got such a kick out of that! Miss you xoxo