Monday, October 21, 2013

Enjoying the Comforts of Comfort, TX

What an AMAZING fall weekend! We took full advantage of the cool sunny weather and headed out to Comfort, TX. A little town with a lot of character in the Texas Hill Country. They held their annual fall antique show this weekend. The shops along High and 7th Streets always deliver an array of beautiful vintage, and antique wares that ignite that warm and comforting feeling of nostalgia, and bring inspiration to my heart and mind. Whenever I'm feeling lonely and missing my home in upstate New York, I head to a shop like these. The sites and smells remind me of my Grandparents houses and bring me back to times when I was young, carefree, and full of wonder.  This little town has such a peaceful, laid back vibe and makes you yearn for a simpler life. There is good food, good drinks, and beautiful places to enjoy both of them in! Have fun scrolling through my day below, and enjoy the Comforts of Comfort with me!! I hope they bring inspiration and comfort to you!

Comfort Pizza-Hand tossed, wood fired, so delicious!!  Ask for the White Pizza, its not on the menu and amazing! Another fun and nostalgic way to see this little town is on a Cruiser!  You can rent them here!

Hotel Faust-So pretty and inviting!  This treasure was purchased and remodeled last year.  A great place to relax and unwind!  It holds true to the German Texas Architecture and the attention to detail brings its history and charm to life!

Bending Branch Winery-What a delicious array of hearty wines!  This is from their blurb in the Hill Country Wineries pamphlet-"A small family operated vineyard and winery, we are passionate about sustainability in viticulture and wine making.  Growing 16 interesting varieties.  Our wine and viticulture program is focused on the Tannat grape.  Tannat is a black variety, bold in flavor, hardy in nature, and a multi-century hidden treasure, making it a perfect metaphor for the Texas hill country."  If you like that dry, oaky, deep, rich flavor as much as I do, this is your place!! No fruity stuff here!  What an awesome, bold, flavorful $10 tasting my husband and I shared, yeah the uber handsome man shown below with the wine glass, that's him! I call him the Patient Saint, ha! We left there with a smile on our face and our taste buds alive!  A few kisses ensued as well, which made the venture that much sweeter!

Uber handsome husband!!
Ah, perfect!  Just what I was looking for!! 

Well, cheers for today!! Look for part two of our Comfortable day in Comfort tomorrow!!

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