Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween = Family, Food & Fun!!!

What an awesome Halloween!! The best in my most recent history of Halloweens! We had tasty treats, drinks, trick-or-treaters, a warm and cozy fire in our custom handsome-husband-built fireplace, and the most important; family and friends!!

Hand carved by the Handsome Husband for his Pretty Little Turtle!

I started the day by sewing my most precious of Halloween treats costume! It was my first homemade costume and I did a pretty good job, a few snags and miss stitches but overall a success!! Pretty Girly Turtle she was! My husband thought it would be so cute since she is crawling full speed ahead now.

The punch was delicious and cake a success!! (See below post for recipes) They did not have any spice cakes left at the store so we got a vanilla cake and added pumpkin pie spice to it.  We just added and tasted to our liking. My Mother and I kept looking at the batter and second guessing if this was going to work and low and behold it did! The cake was moist, flavorful, and filled with yummy pumpkin flavor!

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