Monday, November 18, 2013

"Green" Is Not The New Trend

Hello my lovely followers!  I have been super busy getting geared up for this Holiday season on my Etsy Shop!  Hence my absence from writing. With Thanksgiving almost upon us, and Christmas weighing heavily on our brains I have listed some great entertaining items, gift items, and Holiday cheer! But that's not the sole reason I am writing today, I want you to all understand my purpose, my dreams, my vision.  Okay, so you may be thinking, who cares!  But it helps for me to let it out, put some perspective on it and share.  Even if I am the only one who reads it.  My handsome, and uber smart husband said, "Let it out of your brain and onto paper!  It makes more sense that way." Thank you darling, you are right.  Yes, I said YOU ARE RIGHT!  See, in black and white for the world to see! ;-) My paper is this, my blog, the paper of today!

I was out and about yesterday with my Little C, we wanted to go and explore the droves of people that make this time of year the shopping wonderland it is!  So many faces, shapes, sizes, and types of people from all over the world.  It is so interesting and fascinating for a 9 month old to see!  As she was awestruck by this, I was pondering something.  Retail.....what a draw!! All this new shiny stuff that fills our minds, homes, and for some their souls (not good).  I decided quite some time ago that I would try my best to be conscious of my purchasing habits, work within my shoestring budget, and try and go a more "Green", healthy route.  I know, I know, "Green" seems so trendy right now, but I don't think that is the case. In fact, it's not! Talk to just about anyone from any generation and see what has been going on for decades to conserve, reuse, and re-purpose.  We just have the fortune to have the methods to spread the word like wild fire now! Thank you World Wide Web, social media, TV, and print!  Fascinating things have been happening for years and thank you t all of you who have been practicing what some see as "trendy" now! Don't get me wrong, today's trendsetters keep setting!! You lead by example and your children, and grandchildren will be the bloggers 20-30 years from now writing this stuff and carrying on the traditions!

I started the concept of Seedling Plantation this past Spring.  It, as many ideas, have evolved and found more meaning and purpose.  I see beauty in nature, people, plants, houses, things that have history and mystery.  A treasured piece that has seen many things and could tell many stories.  When I see that unique silver dresser tray, milk glass vase, or silver banded cocktail glass I want to know....  I want to know where did you come from, who has sipped out of you, what stories have been told, what fun will we have together and what joy will you bring to others!? Sounds kind of silly but its what makes vintage and antique items so alluring to me.  Then I think, you need a good home and someone to appreciate you!  New items just don't have that.  They may look all sparkly and shiny on the shelf and carry the promise of fulfillment, but if you think, and look deeper they are so lifeless and dull.  Most likely "Made In China" is stamped, stuck, embossed, sewn, glued, or printed on it, and if you put it up to your nose it smells like rubber and oil.  Yuck!  It carries with it no real richness, uniqueness, or character.  Is lacking in quality and durability, and certainly does not fit in with my desire to reuse, re-purpose, or revive.  Sure, you think it is easier to head to Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Home Goods, Pier 1 and grab or order those overpriced hobnail tumblers.  BUT -there are so many other resources for reasonably priced, exceptional quality vintage, and antique items, (which is where big retailers get most of their ideas and inspiration for "new" designs from) and you can order those too and have them show up on your doorstep!  AND-you are supporting an individual, not a large and wasteful corporation.  Sure they need to eat too and so does everyone that works for them, but think about the little guy.  The ones trying to make a difference one antique bowl, or silver tray at a time. 

So born from this, my Vintage side of Seedling Plantation.  A passion igniting a need to bring these quality items to all that are in search of them.  AND-to open the eyes of others who didn't even realize they were! A prefect way to add a little "Green" into your life this holiday season and joy into your home. As my ideas evolve so will my mission and concept.  With the advise of my handsome husband I will write it, share it, and encourage it.  Try and let it out and make a difference, even if it is a small one.  Its all the small ones added up that make this life, and world a place worth being a part of.  Okay don't gag, that's really how I feel :-)

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